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Wedding cinematography is a specialist area of expertise and we take pride in the work we have produced. The following is our video blog featuring some of our latest wedding video productions over the past 12 months, as created by our expert wedding film team. To find out about booking a cinematographer for your wedding, contact Infinity Films today.


Julia & Tim

Marybank Wedding

Watch the romance unfold in our dazzling production of Julia & Tim’s wedding day. Each wedding film we create is a unique tale of love and this one is especially so. Their gorgeous Marybank wedding ceremony and celebration was truly stunning filled with deep emotion and rich with dazzling details. Infinity Films captures their love story with all the enchantment and romance. We are humbled to be asked to preserve these memories to be enjoyed in years to come. We wish Julia & Tim all the best for their future lives together.

Gen & Nick

Sunnybrae estate garden reception

We just love to film weddings – especially for such amazing and kind-hearted couples like Gen & Nick! Not only are the bride and groom elegant together, they are open, tender and the nicest people you will ever meet. Surrounded by generations of family and close friends, the day was celebrated with a beautiful Greek orthodox ceremony and a stunning Sunnybrae Estate garden reception. The smiles, laughter and utter affection shared between these two could make anyone believe in happily ever after.

Steph & Soran

Rostervor Chapel & Sfera's

This stunning wedding film ranks among the best productions we have ever shared. Steph & Soran's celebration of marriage was an exceptional event. With a traditional and magnificent ceremony held at Rostrevor Chapel followed by a sparkling reception at Sfera’s Park Suites and Convention Centre, the backdrop to their day is simply breathtaking. Every detail was attended to with an artistic eye and we captured all the best of it. Best of all are the sincere emotions shared by their joyous family, their delightful wedding party and cherished friends. Enjoy this deeply moving day with a couple both sweet and down to earth.

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